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Nexy's 5th generation blade.

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A combination blade, back and front surface layers are differently designed. The front surface is optimized for power and drag. The back surface is optimized for technique and stability.

Strengthen version for Kim Jung Hoon blade.

Arche Blade Introduction

Nexy is proud to release our second 5th Generation Blade, ARCHE.
The meaning of the name comes from the question, “How did the world begin?” We fathom what is the outside our universe and wonder about the origin of the cosmos. 
“Arche” is a Greek word that means 'beginning' or 'origin'. Nexy uses the name Arche because it shows the basic concept of the new 5th. generation.
Nexy began in 2007, and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017. 
For the past decade, Nexy has designed and developed many new blades — experimenting boldly to deliver every imaginable type of blade to suit players’ needs. 
I began each new generation when I could not find anything else to add to the current blade design concept. 
At that point, I found something unique to create a new generation. 
But this time, I could not think of anything new. 
Nexy completed a full round of adventure, and the cycle was complete. 
Another generation would have been redundant, and Nexy could not do that! 
So, to run another generation, as a blade designer, I checked the paths previously crossed and found the correlation between individual blades and entire generations. 
For the 5th Generation, I began interweaving those factors to create an exciting new line.
The first blade of this new collection was CAKRA, which adopted the 3rd Generation blade AKTIUM and retouched the 4th generation blade, RUBICON. 
CAKRA shows the general characteristics of the 5th generation. 

Nexy only makes blades that will compete and survive for many years, and those blades have enough value to support the development of other blades. 
Nexy does not have a seasonal concept. All blades are released when they are complete. 
Normally, one blade’s design takes more than one and a half years. 
Some blades are in development for three years before being released into the market. 

Sometimes I kept a sample for over a year, contemplating what to do with it. 
Perhaps there was something attractive about it, but it also lacked in some respect. 
Sometimes I made changes to find a better composition or shape; sometimes I set the blade aside. 

Blade production is often slow, and all blades have their own character and value. 
No blade can be thought of as small or trivial. 
Therefore, when I started the 5th Generation, I discovered a huge resourceful mine to dig through in search of something new and exciting. 

And now I am introducing Nexy’s second blade of 5th Generation, ARCHE!!

To fully understand ARCHE we need to look back on the former generation’s features. 

Nexy’s 2nd Generation adopted a “dual speed” system, which means we can control the speed of the blade at different levels for attacking and defending shots. 
Yet, this dual speed system got modulated into a certain depth that led to the birth of 3rd Generation. 
This modulated dual speed system is basically applied in ARCHE. 
Moreover, ARCHE adopts a different surface wood on both sides, and you can clearly feel the difference. 
Therefore, the dual speed system on both sides results in different feedback for different players. 
It will be interesting to see the difference of dual speed system on both sides.

Nexy’s 3rd Generation aimed at making blades with a “bang impact,” which means those blades have a good feeling and power for effective smashes and loops. 
To equip this bang impact factor, Nexy made a deeper impact feeling that guides players to make short, powerful attacking shots. So, with third generation blades, you can focus on a good impact for attacking. 

This feature also applies to ARCHE. 
With this blade, you can find yourself focusing on ‘bang impact’ shots. 
And this blade will guide you to make a better attacking shot with a smaller but quicker swing movement. 

However, due to the different surface woods, players will feel this bang impact differently for each side. 
Backhand side seems to absorb and grab the ball on one point until you want to release it. 
And you will feel comfortable to make a chiquita with your backhand. 
The ball seems to stay longer, and this feeling will make it easier to get chiquita done. 

Specifically, ARCHE’s core composition is borrowed from Nexy’s 3rd Generation blade, KIM JUNG HOON, which was released under the Tibhar brand name. 

Nexy designed it, and it shares the same character of Nexy’s 3rd Generation blades. 
It has deep impact, and is comparatively faster than other all-wood blades. 
This core structure helps to enhance the speed and power of ARCHE, but with the different surface wood on forehand side you will feel more power on it. 

The forehand side wood is adopted from Nexy’s 4th Generation blade, RUBICON, a 7-ply racket that creates a higher arc for looping. 

RUBICON is a powerful attacking blade, and it has an artistic ball movement. 
You can make a higher arch with this surface wood layer, and the ball flies farther, too. 
So, with ARCHE players will have powerful attacking loops on the forehand side and an easy, comfortable chiquita on the backhand side. 
And those two features are the essential technique needed for effective modern close-to-table play.

While I design this blade, my main test rubber was KARIS M for the forehand side, and AIROC ASTRO S on the backhand side.
I can also recommend using KARIS M+ on your forehand side, and KARIS M on your backhand side.

I invite you to meet Nexy’s 5th Generation attacking blade, ARCHE.

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Nexy's 5th generation blade.

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